Healthcare USA for Minority Women

There continues to be many criticisms of healthcare USA from health professionals, healthcare consulting firms, politicians and individual citizens as well. These criticisms come from the fact that as many as 47 million Americans do not have health insurance. This is also despite the fact that the country spends the highest amount of money per person on healthcare in the world. Although there continues to be calls to restructure the healthcare system to provide healthcare for all, the country still has a long way to go. In fact more and more working families are bearing the brunt of skyrocketing costs in health care insurance, prescriptions drugs as well as visits to the doctor.

Women of all races continue to experience hardship in accessing appropriate healthcare. Healthcare for women is especially an important factor in restructuring the entire healthcare USA program to meet the healthcare for all targets. This is because women make up more than half of the country’s population, and depend more on the health services such as those provided for by neighborhood healthcare facilities. Also women visit healthcare consulting firms and doctors offices more often than men and spend more on prescription drugs. It is equally interesting that compared to the male population, many women still earn less. However reliable and proper access of healthcare for women of all races is yet to be given priority by federal and state governments across the country.

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Healthcare USA For Women

Minority women face the most difficulty in accessing healthcare for women compared to their white counterparts. These include African American women, Indians and Native Americans and Latinos. Additionally minority women also earn far less in their respective jobs when compared to white women. This inequality in earning power makes it difficult for minority women to afford neighborhood healthcare for themselves and their children too. Health insurance is often unreachable to many minority women who may also be illegal immigrants, given the nature of their informal work which does not provide insurance coverage. It is essential that proposals to reform the healthcare USA system carefully considers healthcare for women issues and needs. Reforms should also address the glaring inequalities in healthcare between women across the races.

Additionally a concern facing minority women is the cost of birth control which is utterly expensive for them. Many minority women have been forced to choose between contraception and catering to basic needs such as childcare, food and rent. Not surprising, these low income women chose to forgo contraception. Fortunately, progressive programs such as the Affordable Care Act have classified reproductive healthcare as free healthcare for women. This means that more women can easily access contraception from neighborhood healthcare units.

Another issue that continues to affect healthcare for women is social perceptions. Women, despite their race are not yet fully taken into account by healthcare consulting firms and research facilities. One major cause in the lack of information about women s health issues is the knowledge gap in research. Both healthcare consulting firms and neighborhood healthcare facilities are yet to vigorously involve women in clinical research to determine causes, prevalence and solutions to the health problems that women face. For example, pregnancy and menopause are often treated as medical conditions instead of life phases. While the country strives to attain healthcare for all, more rigor should be injected into incorporating women in the process of healthcare research and development.

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But other than medical errors the staff available in neighborhood healthcare facilities is not culturally aware of the needs of those in the community. This is especially true for immigrants and women-run minority families who do not understand the English language and whom the medical staff cannot understand. Proposal aimed at providing healthcare for all should consider training local neighborhood medical professionals about the culture and mode of communication of those living in the community.

Women are especially responsible for the health of their families. This means that women especially single mothers single-highhandedly bear the burden of paying for their children’s healthcare. There are programs such as Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for low- and moderate-income families, but many as 8 million American children still have no access to medical insurance. Unfortunately state governments are facing budget crisis and have chosen to cut back on medical spending for these families. Admittedly, the budget and economic crises have no single clear cut solution. But healthcare consulting firms, healthcare professionals and activists should be able to demonstrate effort in providing healthcare solutions which will cover children and ease the burden on mothers and families.

The failures of the healthcare USA system have far reaching consequences on the financial well-being of women. A healthcare system in which everyone can effectively access medical care will help to ease the financial burden of many struggling families. It is also worthwhile remembering that with women making half the population, healthcare for all means healthcare for women as well.

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